First Kick! When did you feel it, and what was it like? Share your experience!

Have you felt the first kick? According to specialists, moms who have previously experienced pregnancy feel the first kick much earlier than the first-time moms as they know what it feels like and can distinguish it from movements of the intestine, gas, etc. However, almost all women can feel the fetus movements by 22-24 weeks. 

I think I started feeling flattering and gargling around 19 weeks, but I wasn't quite sure if they were the baby or my intestines. The moment at which I clearly felt the first kick was when I was lying down around 21 weeks. 

The first kick was more like a big fish wiggling in my abdomen than a 'kick.' But since that day, I have been feeling various fetus movements, including she poking my belly from the inside, twitching, and flattering. I thought I'd feel wired about the movements of another life inside of me, but they all feel so natural. 

wiggling fish

When did you feel the first OBVIOUS kick? What was it like? Share your experience! 

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