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How to Open and Close Jump Rings Properly

Many of our mother's jewelry takes add-on charms to represent a new addition to your family. Or you can add them to your jewelry just to jazz it up!  Some of our jewelry is designed to allow charms to slip in and out from one end of the chain for each add-on charm installation. If your jewelry has an easy slip-on chain, simply slip in the new charm, and you’re good to go. We also use small attachment rings to attach mini charms to a larger charm. In this instance, you need to use attachment rings to attach new add-on charms to your jewelry. Below are good tutorials for how to open and close attachment rings correctly.  Step-by-Step Photo and Text Tutorial...

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How to Blacken Hand-Stamped Letters

There are a number of ways to blacken hand-stamped letters. I will discuss several methods and their pros and cons, particularly in relation to health hazards, which is a concern for people with small children who may lick their jewelry. Some methods are safer than the other, but after all, you don't want your kids to lick any kind of ink. So, please keep jewelry out of your kids' reach!  (1) Sharpie:  Pro: probably the cheapest and simplest method. You can roughly draw over the lettering and wipe the charm with a Q-tip with alcohol (or nail-polish remover) to clean up the excess ink. If you have steady hands, precise drawing over the lettering will eliminate the need of cleaning.  Con:...

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