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First Kick! When did you feel it, and what was it like? Share your experience!

Have you felt the first kick? According to specialists, moms who have previously experienced pregnancy feel the first kick much earlier than the first-time moms as they know what it feels like and can distinguish it from movements of the intestine, gas, etc. However, almost all women can feel the fetus movements by 22-24 weeks.  I think I started feeling flattering and gargling around 19 weeks, but I wasn't quite sure if they were the baby or my intestines. The moment at which I clearly felt the first kick was when I was lying down around 21 weeks.  The first kick was more like a big fish wiggling in my abdomen than a 'kick.' But since that day, I have been...

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Are Handheld Fetal Monitors Safe?

The short answer is YES.  I started feeling my baby girl's movements around 21 weeks, but till then, I was often concerned if she was alive. In the past I have had two missed abortions, which is a type of miscarriage that doesn't immediately cause bleeding, and where the body doesn't realize the passing of the femus for weeks. So whenever my morning sickness symptoms faded away, I worried perhaps my baby had passed inside of the womb.  So, my husband purchased a handheld fetal monitor at Amazon ($60 with a free return offer) when I was 15 weeks pregnant. Customer reviews were mixed, but it was FDA approved, so we got one for peace of mind. AND, we were pleasantly surprised! Womb...

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Welcome to Our Blog!

I am Megu, the owner/designer of a home-based jewelry shop and a mommy-to-be of a baby girl. I'm also a pet mom of a 2-year-old Pomeranian. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan, and also teach Japanese at an online university.  Four years ago, I left my college professor position to go full-time on my jewelry business and focus on TTC (trying to conceive). My business steadily grew in the past several years, and was finally blessed with my baby girl after 10 years of TTC. I am now 21 weeks pregnant. With my growing home-based business, and online teaching, I am so ready to be an entrepreneurial stay-at-home of my babies. Now a new challenge is actually balancing my business...

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