Baby on Mom Necklace with Birthstone (1-2 Kids)
Baby on Mom Necklace with Birthstone (1-2 Kids)
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Baby on Mom Necklace with Birthstone (1-2 Kids)
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Baby on Mom Necklace with Birthstone (1-2 Kids)

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Personalize this sterling silver mother bird necklace with your kids'  initials (optional) and birthstones. Perfect mother's day gift!


  • Quality .925 sterling silver chain with a spring clasp. The length includes a 2" adjuster. 
  • Mom bird is sterling silver, and about 17x10mm (0.67x0.39"). 
  • Baby bird is gold plated or sterling silver, and about 11x8mm (0.4 x 0.3").
  • If you selected '1 silver & 1 gold birds + 2 stones,' from left to right, they will be put in the order of stones - mother bird - gold baby - silver baby. 
  • 3mm smooth round gemstone or Czech crystal
    • January: Garnet (ranges from purplish red to deep burgundy red)
    • February: Amethyst (ranges from light to medium purple)
    • March: Czech glass representing aquamarine
    • April: Rock Crystal
    • May: Green Onyx (ranges from medium to dark green)
    • June: Czech glass representing moonstone
    • July: Czech glass representing ruby
    • August: Peridot
    • September: Czech glass representing sapphire
    • October: Czech glass representing pink tourmaline
    • November: Citrine (ranges from light to dark yellow)
    • December: Czech glass representing tanzanite
  • Please note that our beads offerings may change without notice.


  • Each order will be nicely wrapped in our branded craft box and include a receipt without pricing information.