charms size reference
charms size reference
charms size reference

Medium/Large Charms I, 11c*

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Add these medium to large charms to your jewelry and make it a statement piece!


  • Bail: jump ring (inside diameter about 3.8 x 3mm). The color of the jump ring is the same as the color of the charm. 
  • Charm materials and size (approximate height)
    • 1: rhodium plated brass 31x28mm (1.2"x1.1") 
      2: rhodium plated brass 35x18mm (1.4"x0.7")
      3: rhodium plated brass 40x17mm (1.5"x0.7")
      4: rhodium plated brass 37x20mm (1.4"x0.8")
      5: sterling silver 27x16mm (1"x0.6")
      6: rhodium plated brass 33x28mm (1.3"x1.1")
      7: rhodium plated brass 35x20mm (1.3"x0.7")
      8: rhodium plated brass 42x39mm (1.7"x1.5")
      9: rhodium plated brass 34x16mm (1.4"x0.6")
      10: raw brass 33x33mm (1.3"x1.3")
      11: raw brass 49x21mm (1.9"x0.8")
      12: raw brass 19x19mm (0.7"x0.7")
      13: 16k gold plated 35x20mm (1.3"x0.7")
      14: 16k gold plated 37x20mm (1.4"x0.8")
      15: 16k gold plated 45x17mm (1.8"x0.7")
  • Sterling silver is precious metal that lasts a life time. You can polish sterling jewelry over and over to keep it shiny. 
  • 14k gold filled is a layer of 14k gold heat bonded on another metal and contains 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry.
  • Rhodium is a part of the platinum family and very durable.
  • Gold plating is a layer of gold electrically bonded to another metal. It is much more delicate than gold filled. We apply anti-tarnish clear coating in order to extend the life of plating. No polishing is required. Please avoid exposing the charm to alcohol as it will damage the coating.


  • If charms do not slip through your chain, and you can open the attachment ring to attach it to a chain link. If you need assistance, contact us or watch this instructional video.


  • Each order will be nicely packaged and include no pricing information (except for international orders for which the item value must be declared on the customs form).