tiny charm necklace
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tiny charm necklace
tiny charm necklace
tiny charm necklace
tiny charm necklace
tiny charm necklace

Tiny Charm Necklace, 1sd/8c*

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Tiny, adorable charms on a super dainty sterling silver chain. Cute and perfect for the layered style.


  • Please refer to the length guide for a general guideline. The most accurate way is to wrap a string, phone cable, etc. around your neck, and find the comfortable length. Then, measure that with a ruler or tape measure.
  • The lengths are from end to end, including the clasp and chain tag.
  • Our chains are handmade, and lengths are approximate - please allow a bit of shortage/overage. 


  • All components are solid .925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is precious metal, and can be polished over and over to bring back its shininess. 
  • Chain link size is 1.2 x 1.5mm. 
  • Charm height (approximate measurements)

    1. bird, about 7mm
    2. butterfly, about 8.5mm
    3. humming bird, about 12mm
    4. wing, about 14.5mm
    5. starfish, about 10mm
    6. heart, about 7.5mm
    7. disc, about 6mm
    8. puffy heart, about 7.5mm
    9. leaf, about 12mm
    10. cross, about 17mm


    • Each order will be nicely packaged and include no pricing information (except for international orders for which the item value must be declared on the customs form).