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mini birthstone charm
Birthstone Charm I*
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Birthstone Charm I*

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Add baby birthstones to your jewelry for a personal touch!  


  • Metal: sterling silver or 14k golf filled
  • Size: 3mm - very small and subtle
  • Smooth round Czech crystal that represents the following birthstones
    • January: garnet
    • February: amethyst
    • March: aquamarine
    • April: diamond 
    • May: green onyx
    • June: moonstone
    • July: ruby
    • August: peridot 
    • September: sapphire 
    • October: pink tourmaline 
    • November: citrine 
    • December: tanzanite
  • Please note that our beads offerings may change without notice.


  • Adding to your own chain: select either "closed ring" or "openable ring". Closed ring has no opening and is large enough for our 3.6mm wide chain tag to go through. Openable ring is 3.8x3mm (inside dimension). 
  • Adding to jewelry previously purchased from our shop: first check how existing stones (if any) is attached. If the existing stones are connected to another charm using a wire (with no opening), you can either send your jewelry back to our studio and have us attach a new stone. If you'd like to attach stones yourself (you'd need 2 pairs of pliers), please select "openable ring".


  • Each order will be nicely packaged and include no pricing information (except for international orders for which the item value must be declared on the customs form).